Gingerbread Man & December Ideas: Part One

Here at Itsy Bitsy Learning, the children have been working hard on The Gingerbread Man and Christmas inspired activities. I have linked up to the materials used where possible. The majority of these activities could be used in workboxes, group table time or at learning centers. For a complete list of textbook resources please click here. They… [Continue Reading]

Gingerbread House – Paper Bag Craft

This a simple and fun craft to make. I incorporate this into my Gingerbread Man theme by asking the children to make a special house for the man to live in. Age: 18mths + Materials (per child):   1 medium sized paper bagCut outs of various candies, trees, plants, house decor.Light brown paint.White washable craft glueStapler Directions:               … [Continue Reading]

Monthly Theme – Gingerbread, Santa and Everything In Between!

Here are some great ideas for creating a December Curriculum. I will update the links and pictures throughout December. On this page you will find the references to each activity. Please click on the main sub-heading to view photos and descriptions. December Story Time: – Early Childhood Units For Favorite Tales TCM 204 pg. 97 -Gingerbread Man… [Continue Reading]

Online Sites Aid Skill Development

Using the computer is a regular part of our homeschooling and my child care program. Those too young to use it often gather around the older child’s chair taking in all the sounds and images. My eldest Missy Mu-Mu (46mths) was recently learning about the short /a/ sound on StarFall. Buddy Boy (36 mths) and Pickle… [Continue Reading]

Book Worm From the Get-Go.

To grow a book worm, you have to nurture a love of reading and a respect of books from the start: 1. Choose Non-Fiction Based Books, subjects young children can relate to. When choosing books for little ones it is good to combine a mixture of fiction and non-fiction. Young children are still developing understanding… [Continue Reading]

Day-to-Day Organization

My professional background is in Early Years (Pre-K) and I have had many years working with autistic children. However all my experience ran out of the door when my daughters arrived and more so when I became a child care provider. Being my own supervisor/manager did not match well with my innate trait of procrastination. For four years I “flew by the… [Continue Reading]

Fall Preschool Craft: Scarecrow Straw Hat.

This fall preschool craft is a great actvity for the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow Song. Have the children make a hat and wear it during Music and Movement Time! You will need for each child: -Large Coffee Filter; -Strip of cardstock (large enough to fit child’s head); -Cream Rafia Ribbon (or real straw!); -Shallow container; -One of the… [Continue Reading]

November’s Song – Dingle Dangle Scarecrow

In November (2009) we will be learning the song, Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. Scarecrows just seem appropiate for November. Some people like to use them in October during the start of Fall and Halloween. The information in this post will prove useful whichever month you are using scarecows. The Dingle Dangle Scarecrow song has cute little actions… [Continue Reading]

Early Number Concepts : 1 – 10

This is a great activity for counting, number review, one-to-one correspondence and fine motor development. You can use any manipulative with it to suit your theme, my children love using the buttons. All four of my children (ages 1 -4) have completed this to some degree. Visit Confessions of a Homeschooler to get the printable. There are… [Continue Reading]

Itsy Bitsy Printables

Bee 2 Hive Color Match – Added May 14 2010 Lighthouse Matching/Memory Game – Added May 11 2010 Dinosaur Magnet/Do-A-Dot Set - Added May 10 2010 Train Magnet/Do-A-Dot Set - Added April 30th 2010 Train Number Matching 0-10 - Added April 30th 2010